Classics 270                                                    Fall 2005
Seminar                                                          S.G. Miller

   Plaster Casts of Greek & Roman Sculpture at Berkeley

Brochure Outline



        Two collections of plaster casts exist in the San Francisco Bay Area. One collection came to the University of California in the period 1902-1904 from museums in Europe by the gift of Phoebe Apperson Hearst. Although there seem to have been more than 300 pieces in that group originally, dozens of pieces can no longer be accounted for. The second group, 27 in number, was given to the City and Country of San Francisco in 1915 by the Greek State; these have now been given to the Classics Department of UCB. Both collections have languished in warehouses for at least 60 years unseen and unseeable to students and the interested public. The casts were, until 2003, filthy and often cracked or broken, in no condition for public viewing. This situation can be contrasted with the situation with the cast collections of, for example, Oxford, Cambridge, Copenhagen, Moscow, Amsterdam, Erlangen, Halle-Wittenberg, Saskatchewan, Atlanta, and Austin, Texas, to name a few (see bibliography). The situation began to change in the Spring of 2003 when 21 casts (7 from the Hearst collection, 21 from the Classics department) were repaired and restored. Since then they have been on display in Room 10 in the basement of the Marchant Building.   {To top}


        To expand and enrich the collection now available to the community of the University of California at Berkeley as many of the plaster casts from the Hearst Collection and from the Classics Collection as possible.   {To top}


        1) clean, repair, conserve, and mount for display all of the Classics Collection (see inventory) and as many of the Hearst Collection as time will allow. This work will be done under the guidance of Elisabeth Cornu, Conservator of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco with the assistance of Tom Ventresco and Nadina Reusmann.

        2) prepare a full inventory of each object including description, dimensions, and bibliography. This under the guidance of Stephen Miller.

        3) mount the finished pieces in public areas of the campus, probably the Art History/Classics Seminar and the northern entrance to Doe Library.

        4) publish a booklet with the following elements:
                 a) the history of the collections - how, when, whence
                 b) a survey of the use of plaster casts in museums and
                      for education
                 c) a presentation of the technical aspects of creating
                      plaster casts
                 d) a presentation of the technical aspects of conserving
                     plaster casts
                 e) a fully illustrated catalogue of the pieces which have
                      been put on display
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Outline of brochure to accompany exhibit:

4a) History of the Collections

          Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum Archives
                     PAH - her motivation
                     correspondence & receipts of Alfred Emerson (Joan                      Knudsen)
                     Harold N. Fowler, obituary of Emerson, AJA 48 (1944) 80
                     transportation expenses
                     when and where on campus

          Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
documentation of gift from Greek State
                     publicity at the time
                     when and where on display and storage
                     transfer to Classics Department

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4b) Plaster Cast Collections


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University of California, Berkeley Special News Release

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4c) The technical aspects of creating plaster casts


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4d)Technical Aspects of Conserving and Exhibiting Plaster Casts

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